Episode 27 The Art of Destroying Your Art

I spoke with prominent Chicago Film Community Members Jack C Newell and Rebecca Fons about their third annual "Destroy Your Art" event where select filmmakers show a short film of their own for the first time then physically wipe it from existence amongst a crowd of people. We discuss the meaning behind this event, the preservation of film, what the digital era of filmmaking pertains towards the artistry of film and what movies we'd like to see destroyed.

NOTE: Always backup your recorded Skype conversations or you'll run into dumb technical issues like mine that idiots like me can't fix behind I don't have a time machine.

Destroy Your Art Ticket information https://www.destroyyourart.com

The third installment of Destroy Your Art will take place at

Inside Town (1954 S Troy St.) in Chicago, IL on August 10, 2019 at 7PM. OH MAN THAT'S TODAY!

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Check out Jack's Work Here http://www.jackcnewell.com

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