Episode 24 "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?"


02:12 "Toy Story 4" review backlash

26:36 "Batman" 30 years later!

Don Shannahan talks the negative backlash he got for being one of the 4 four critics (2 at the time of the release of his review) for "Toy Story 4." NEXT we talk about “Batman” (1989) 30 YEARS LATER and how well it holds up today. Plus Mike pitches his own film for a return of Michael Keaton's rendition of the caped crusader.

Special Thanks to the always amazing Chicago Film Critic Don Shanahan for coming on the show. If you're curious here's the link to Don's infamous "Toy Story 4" review http://www.everymoviehasalesson.com/blog/2019/6/movie-review-toy-story-4

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